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  Nov 27, 2020

Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.

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University Core

University Core - English (9 hours)

University Core - History (6 hours)

University Core - Bible (6 hours)

University Core - Social Sciences (3 hours)

University Core - Science (4 hours)

Four hours of science are required, including one lecture with a corresponding lab.  Students are encouraged to choose from one of the following lab courses:

University Core - Mathematics (3 hours)

Any MAT course numbered 105 or higher, determined in consultation with the advisor.

University Core - Fine Arts (3 hours)

University Core - Technology Requirement (3 hours)

Choose one of the following courses:

University Core - Physical Education (2 hours)

Two hours are required.  Recommended courses are KIN 123 - Fitness for Life (2 hours) or two (1 hour) PED activity courses.

University Core - Chapel

Students at Mississippi College are required to complete chapel requirements based on the student classification at the time of enrollment as detailed below:

Freshman (0-23 semester hours) 4 semesters
Sophomore (24-53 semester hours) 3 semesters
Junior (54-83 semester hours) 2 semesters
Senior (84 or more semester hours) 1 semester

Students classified as ADP (Accelerated Degree Program) and students enrolled in online degree programs are exempt from chapel requirements.

IDS Degree Program Major Requirements (54-63 Hours)

Students complete the program coursework in the Interdisciplinary Studies Degree by selecting, in consultation with their advisor, three defined minors from the Mississippi College undergraduate catalog.  Interdisciplinary Studies Degree students will identify one of the three minors as a “preferred” or “concentration” area.  Because different minors at the University require varying numbers of hours (usually between 18 and 21 hours), different combinations of programs may result in varying numbers of program hours.  Coordination by, and communication with, the Interdisciplinary Studies advisor is thus crucial in successfully completing this degree program.  To meet graduation requirements, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in each of the minor areas, as well as an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

General Electives

Sufficient elective hours must be taken to meet the minimum hour requirement for graduation in this program.  Electives should be chosen in consultation with the advisor.  Special attention should be paid to the requirement that “at least one-third of the academic work which a student takes in meeting requirements for graduation with a bachelor’d degree must be in junior-senior level courses (courses numbered 300-400).” Thus, in a 130-hour program, at least 39 hours must be taken at the 300- or 400-level.  See Academic Information, General Degree Requirements for Graduation section of the undergraduate catalog.


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