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  Dec 05, 2022
GRADUATE CATALOG 2020-2021 [Archived Catalog]

Applied Exercise Physiology, M.S.

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Master of Science in Applied Exercise Physiology

This program provides a science based program in Applied Exercise Physiology at the graduate level for students interested in careers in exercise rehabilitation and sports medicine.   The program is also designed for students interested in pursuing terminal degrees in exercise physiology and related disciplines as well as higher level administrative and supervisory positions in adult fitness and wellness.  In addition, this degree prepares students for American College of Sports Medicine certifications in fitness and wellness.


This program is a 33 hour master's degree to be completed over a two-year cycle. The program includes the option of a practicum or thesis. Courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters only.


  1. Application: Application will be invited and received by the Department prior to mid-term of each semester.
  2. Review: The Department Chair and Graduate Faculty of the Department of Kinesiology will review all applications. The maximum number of admitted applicants will be set by the faculty each year, dependent upon current enrollment. Recommendations for admission will be forwarded to the Graduate School for further review and acceptance.
  3. Admission Requirements: Applicant must have an earned Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Physical Education, Biology, or related fields. Applicant must have a 2.50 GPA on all undergraduate work, or a 3.0 on the last 40 hours attempted.

    Standardized Tests:  No standardized test required for applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above.   Applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0 may be admitted by achieving a GRE/GPA formula score of 714 or higher. For GRE scores dated prior to 8/20/2011, applicant must achieve formula score of 2200.

    Formula score calculation:  GRE Verbal Score + GRE Quantitative Score x Undergraduate Cumulative GPA.

    In addition, the program will require the following undergraduate prerequisite coursework:

    12 total hours comprised from the following courses (or equivalents):

    Human Anatomy and Physiology


    Anatomical Kinesiology


    Exercise Physiology

    All transfer credit must be approved by the KIN department chair and is subject to the regulations of the Graduate School.

D.  Degree Requirements: The successful candidate must complete the following requirements:

1. Complete 27 hours of coursework;

2.  Satisfactorily complete a total of six hours of seminar and practicum, or thesis; and

3.  All Kinesiology graduate students must pass the graduate comprehensive examination in their last semester in order to be accepted for candidacy for the degree of Master of Science.  This exam will be administered on campus and all students (including students in online programs) must come on campus to sit for the examination.

E.  Graduate Advisor Committee and Major Professor: The student will select a graduate committee of no less than three (3) members of the Graduate Faculty. In addition, one member of the committee will be designated as the “Major Professor” by the student.

F.  Graduate Practicum: Students may elect to complete a 90 hour practicum in lieu of a thesis. Requirements for the practicum are outlined in the course syllabi.

G.  Graduate Thesis: This thesis must be based on original supervised research performed by the student while enrolled as a student in the graduate program at Mississippi College. The student must nominate a three member thesis committee, with the major professor serving as chair. The committee must approve all topics, and a research proposal should be submitted to the committee one semester prior to data collection.


Master of Science in Applied Exercise Physiology Plan of Study (33 sem. hours)

Fall and Spring Semesters

Fall Semester - even

Spring Semester - odd

Spring Semester - even

Spring Semester - odd

Fall Semester - even

Fall Semester - odd

Fall Semester - odd

Spring Semester - even

Fall and Spring Semesters

*These courses may be split into two separate three hour courses.

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