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    Mississippi College
  Apr 12, 2021
GRADUATE CATALOG 2019-2020 [Archived Catalog]

Clinical Nurse Leader, M.S.N. (36-42 sem. hrs.) NEW

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A certified CNL is a master's educated nurse, prepared for practice across the continuum of care within any healthcare setting in today's changing healthcare environment. The CNL evaluates patient outcomes, assesses cohort risk, and has the decision-making authority to change care plans when necessary. Professionals earn this distinction through CNL graduate education, supervised clinical experience, a clinical immersion, and meeting the highest standards of practice of professional nursing care validated by their performance through the CNL certification examination (Clinical Nurse Leader: CNL certification guide, 2016).

The CNL track is part of the MSN graduate degree for students who have a BSN and an unencumbered current RN license. The program length is 36-42 online credit hours and 400 hours require preceptor oversight for clinical placement (includes 40 hours of clinical immersion). 

Deadlines for making application for regular admission

Start dates in Fall Semester 2019 ... Apply by August 1st 2019

June 1 (2020) for Fall Semester (2020)

October 1 (2020) for Spring Semester (2021)

February 1 (2021) for Summer Semester (2021)

Students may apply year round for review and provisional admission by the Chair of the School of Nursing Graduate Programs or the Dean of the School of Nursing.

Admission to Mississippi College Graduate Program

  1. An MC application for admission must be submitted to: 
  2. All official transcripts may be submitted directly through the NursingCAS or directly to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies at Mississippi College.
  3. Must meet all general requirements for admission to the graduate school of Mississippi College.
  4. Hold an unrestricted license as a registered nurse (RN) in the United States for clinical experience.
  5. Must hold a bachelor's degree in nursing from an accredited college or university.
  6. Demonstrate completion of a research course and a statistics course.
  7. Students may normally transfer up to 6 hours of credit, taken within five-years from an accredited program, into the MC MSN program.
  8. Students must hold a GPA of 2.5 for admission consideration. Students who are admitted to the MSN program must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above.
  9. In addition to Mississippi College’s English proficiency requirements, all applicants to the School of Nursing whose first language is not English (including international and/or U.S.residents) must have a minimum TOEFL iBT of 83 combined (6.5 IELTS banding) or have graduated from a degree program where English is the primary language of instruction.

Admission to the M.S.N. School of Nursing Program

1. Recommended that students have had at least a minimum of two years’ work experience in a nursing healthcare or professional practice setting.

Prior to Program Admission

2. The applicant should submit a goal statement and an autobiographical statement, and attend a virtual or campus-based group interview.

Program Admission Requirements

3. The applicant must attend a synchronous, on campus or online, orientation session during the semester prior to the final determination of admission status and complete the online California Critical Thinking Skills Test.

4. Provide and maintain a current (within 2 years) satisfactory criminal history background check.

5. Meet all agency proficiency and health requirements prior to approval for clinical placements.

6. Have a physical assessment within 3 months of program start.

7. Each applicant will be reviewed on an individual basis according to criteria established by the School of Nursing. Applicants who present        satisfactory evidence of their ability to perform at the graduate level are admitted to the MSN program based upon capacity.

Provisional Admission to the Program

The Chair/Program Director of the School of Nursing Graduate Program(s) or the Dean of the School of Nursing may recommend provisional admission to the program based upon a careful review of an applicant’s transcripts, letters of recommendation, goal statements, other supporting materials and recommendation from the School of Nursing Admission Committee. A personal interview may be conducted to determine the applicant’s motivation and readiness to pursue a career in graduate level nursing position. The Dean of Graduate Studies may modify, replace, or amend regular School of Nursing admission requirements upon recommendation from the Chair/Program Director of the School of Nursing Graduate Program(s) or the Dean of the School of Nursing

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 36 semester hours in qualifying, core and specialized track courses. Successful completion of the M.S.N. degree with the Clinical Nurse Leader track also requires regular admission to the program with completion of 400 hours in precepted clinical placement, and satisfactory performance on the comprehensive exit examination predictor for certification.

By the end of the second week in the first semester of enrollment, all students must purchase and activate an account in the electronic clinical management system used by the program. Students will not be permitted future enrollment permissions without the account. Student are also encouraged to seek out graduate nurse prepared preceptor candidates ahead of program start.

Students completing the CNL Exam Preparation courses have a practice exam benchmark for program completion. Students who have met the practice exam benchmark are eligible to register for the CNC certification when they have successfully completed all program requirements. The benchmark requirement may be adjusted as determined appropriate by the faculty to better meet national standards and prepare students for licensure requirements.

The CNC Clinical Nurse Leader Certification Examination is a required program outcome and may be completed in a 0-credit course with the testing fee after program requirements are met for graduation.


NUR 5000   Academic Writing for the Professional 2 sem. hrs.

NUR 5005   Scientific Underpinning of Advanced Practice Nursing 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 5006   Evidenced Based Practice for Quality Improvement in Health Care 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 5007   Health Care Policy and Finance 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 6001   Physio/Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nurses 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 6002   Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nurses 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 6003   Physical Health Assessment for Advanced Practice Nurses 3. sem. hrs.

NUR 6004   Physical Health Assessment Practicum for Advanced Practice Nurses 1 sem. hr.

NUR 6021   Systems and Oranizational Leadership - Part 1 CNL 1 sem. hr.


NUR 6020   Clinical Nurse Leader - Role & Competencies CNL 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 6022   Systems and Organizational Leadership - Part 2 CNL 2 sem. hrs.

NUR 6023   Clinical Nurse Leader - Practicum One CNL 2 sem. hrs.

NUR 6024   Clinical Nurse Leader - Practicum Two CNL 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 6025   Clinical Nurse Leader - Seminar CNL 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 6026   Preparation for CNL Certificaiton CNL 1 sem. hr.


NUR 6591   Field Studies 1 sem. hr.

NUR 6592   Field Studies 2. sem. hrs.

NUR 6593   Field Studies 3 sem. hrs.

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