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    Mississippi College
  Oct 26, 2020
GRADUATE CATALOG 2017-2018 [Archived Catalog]

Educational Leadership, Ed.S (40 sem. hrs.)

The education specialist degree in educational leadership is designed to meet the needs of the educational professionals seeking either a higher level of licensure in school administration or an entry-level licensure in school administration that builds on an existing AA licensure in another area of professional education.

Admission, Maintenance and Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the education specialist degree in educational leadership a candidate:

  1. Must hold a valid Class AA license issued by a state department of education. The license must be in an area of professional education. A photocopy of the valid license is required.
  2. Must meet all general requirements for admission to the graduate school at Mississippi College.
  3. Must have a 3.25 grade point average on all prior graduate work.
  4. Must supply 3 letters of recommendation from persons familiar with applicant's character, scholarship, and potential for successful completion of the program.
  5. Prepare a portfolio showing writing sample, letter of communication, and examples of leadership experience (in or out of state school).
  6. Must provide proof of three years of teaching experience.
  7. Must schedule an entrance interview with the program advisor.
  8. After 12, hours must have and maintain a 3.25 on all work in Ed.S. Program.
  9. Must defend a research-based project completed during the Ed.S. Program as an exit requirement. Candidates must have a 3.25 grade point average on course work completed at Mississippi College in order to be eligible to defend their research-based project.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit of six semester hours taken since being awarded an advanced degree may be accepted upon recommendation by the candidate’s advisor and approval of the Dean of the Graduate School. Transfer credit must be earned at the education specialist level, or above.

Admission to Candidacy

Candidacy will be granted when the student has completed twelve semester hours of course work with a 3.25 GPA or higher in the Ed. S. degree program.

Time Limit

All work for the degree must be completed within a period not to exceed six years.

Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Educational Leadership Degree

Licensure Assessment

Candidates in the Ed.S. in Educational Leadership must pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA), before they can be approved to graduate and apply to obtain a Class AAA license in Administration.  If students cannot pass the SLLA the semester before they graduate or choose not to take it, they can switch to the EDS Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) Track (with an additional 8 hours minimum), in order to graduate in the EDS C& I Track.

Course Requirements

Core Courses (15 sem. hrs.)

Field Experiences (4 sem. hrs.)

(1 to 4 hours variable credit)

EDU 7527  -PR 75250- Practicum in Leadership Models (not required)

EDU 7530  -PR75251- Practicum in Personnel Management (Administration only)

EDU 7531  - PR 75252- Practicum in Leadership Dilemmas (not required)

EDU 7540   -PR 75253- Practicum in School Finance (not required)

EDU 7541   -PR 75254- Practicum in Legal Issues

EDU 7550   -PR 75255- Practicum in Central Office Responsibilities and Functions of the Superintendency (Administration only)

EDU 7560   -PR75257- Practicum in Advanced Curriculum (C & I only)

EDU 7561   -PR75258- Practicum in Data-Driven Decisions

EDU 7570   -PR75259- Practicum in Technology Trends (C & I only)

Required Program Anchor Blocks (9 sem. hrs.)

Program Anchor I: Effective Leadership for Teaching and Learning (9 sem. hrs.)

Choose any three of the following courses for a total of 9 semester hours.

EDU 7527 Leadership Models and Applications 3 sem. hrs.  (Administration only)

EDU 7530 Issues and Concepts of Personnel Management 3 sem. hrs.  

EDU 7531 Seminar in Current Educational Leadership Dilemmas 3 sem. hrs.  

EDU 7560 Advanced Curriculum and Development 3 sem. hrs.   (C & I only)

Program Anchor II: Fiscal and Legal Controls for Effective Management of Schools (6 sem. hrs.)

Program Anchor III: Effective District Level Operations in Support of the School Mission (6 sem. hrs.)

 Choose any two of the following courses for a total of 6 semester hours.

 EDU 7550  - Central Office Structures, Roles and Responsibilities and the Roles and Functions of the Superintendency (Administration only) 3 sem. hrs.

EDU 7561 Data-Driven Decision-Making 3 sem. hrs.  

EDU 7570 Technology Trends in Curriculum and Instruction 3 sem. hrs.  

Total: 40 sem. hrs.