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    Mississippi College
  Mar 20, 2018

Kinesiology, Pre-Occupational Therapy, B.S.

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University Core (53 Hours)

University Core - Science (8 Hours)

University Core - Mathematics (3 Hours)

University Core - Technology Requirement (3 hours)

Choose one of the following courses:

University Core - Physical Education (3 Hours)

University Core - Chapel

Students at Mississippi College are required to complete chapel requirements based on the student classification at the time of enrollment as detailed below:

Freshman (0-23 semester hours) 4 semesters
Sophomore (24-53 semester hours) 3 semesters
Junior (54-83 semester hours) 2 semesters
Senior (84 or more semester hours) 1 semester

Students classified as ADP (Accelerated Degree Program) and students enrolled in online degree programs are exempt from chapel requirements.

Major Requirements

Kinesiology Core (31 hours)

Kinesiology majors must earn a “C” or better in all KIN courses and all core science courses.  All KIN students must sign up for

  during the semester in which they graduate.  This exam will be administered the last Tuesday prior to finals week.  Failure to achieve a passing grade (60%) on the written exam may result in oral exam or other remedial action.


Sufficient elective hours must be taken to meet the minimum hour requirement for graduation in this program.  Electives should be chosen in consultation with advisor.


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