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    Mississippi College
  Sep 22, 2017

Nursing, B.S.N.

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Students entering the School of Nursing in Fall 2016 and later will follow the following program of study.  Students who entered the School of Nursing prior to Fall 2016 will follow program requirements printed in previous catalogs.


University Core - Social Sciences (9 Hours)

University Core - Physical Education (2 Hours)

Take two hours of activity courses

University Core - Chapel

Students at Mississippi College are required to complete chapel requirements based on the student classification at the time of enrollment as detailed below:

Freshman (0-23 semester hours) 4 semesters
Sophomore (24-53 semester hours) 3 semesters
Junior (54-83 semester hours) 2 semesters
Senior (84 or more semester hours) 1 semester

Students classified as ADP (Accelerated Degree Program) and students enrolled in online degree programs are exempt from chapel requirements.



+Successful completion of the nursing curriculum indicates the student has content mastery related to nutrition and well-being across the life-span and signifies fulfillment of core requirements for one physical education course with emphasis in nutrition.

**Credit available to RNs by validation.

***Nursing students often have clinical experiences that occur during the time scheduled for Chapel.  Although it is sometimes possible for students to attend Chapel during their first year of nursing courses, students in their last year of clinical courses are unable to attend Chapel due to these clinical experiences.  Therefore, every attempt should be made to complete Chapel requirements prior to admission to the nursing major.


Sufficient elective hours must be taken to meet the minimum hour requirement for graduation in this program.  Electives should be chosen in consultation with advisor.


Recommended Course Sequence

Generic Sophomore Year Spring Semester (18 sem. hrs.)

Generic Summer

Guided elective (may be taken this summer or next).  Any other prerequisites not completed may also be taken.

Generic Summer (4 or 7 sem. hrs.)


*This is the preferred course of study for a beginning freshman. Courses marked with the asterisk can be scheduled in summer to lighten the load during the regular school year. Transfer students will be individually advised, after evaluation of their previous coursework, as to an appropriate course of study.

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