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    Mississippi College
  Jun 29, 2022
GRADUATE CATALOG 2016-2017 [Archived Catalog]

Athletic Administration, Interscholastic Concentration, M.S. (37 sem. hrs.)

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Master of Science in Athletic Administration

Athletic Administration, Interscholastic Concentration, M.S. (37 sem. hrs.)


This program is a 37 hour master's degree to be completed over a two-year cycle. The program consists of a concentration option in either Interscholastic or Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. This program includes a four hour practicum experience in lieu of a thesis.



  1. Application: Applications will be invited and received by the College before midterm of the semester prior to beginning coursework.
  2. Review: The Graduate Council and the Graduate Faculty of the Department of Kinesiology will review all applications. The maximum number of admitted applicants will be set by the faculty each year, dependent upon current enrollment. Recommendations for admission will be forwarded to the Graduate Council for further review and acceptance.
  3. Admission Requirements:
    1. Student must meet all general requirements for admission to the Graduate School of Mississippi College.
    2. Grade point average requirements: Applicant must have an earned Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in Kinesiology, Education, Business, or related fields. A minimum GPA of 2.5 on all undergraduate work, or a GPA of 3.00 on last 40 hours of undergraduate work is required.
    3. Provide adequate scores on the following standardized tests:
      Passing score on Praxis exam.
      GRE (Pre-8/2011): Cumulative score >850 comprised of Verbal +Quantitative; or formula score of 2200 (V+Q x GPA).

      GRE (Post-8/2011): Verbal >146; Quantitative >140. Must have both scores.
      Students with a cumulative UG GPA greater than 3.75 are exempt from standardized test requirement.
    4. Transfer credit up to six hours must be approved by the student’s graduate advisory committee and is subject to the regulations of the Graduate School.
  4. Degree Requirements: The successful candidate must complete the following requirements:
    1. Complete 33 hours of course work in selected concentration;
    2. Complete four hours of practicum; and
    3. Successfully complete a Comprehensive Examination administered by the Department in the last semester of the program. Comprehensive Exams will only be administered in the Fall and Spring.
  5. Graduate Advisory Committee and Major Professor: The student will be assigned a graduate committee of no less than three (3) members of the Graduate Faculty. In addition, one member of the committee will be designated as the “Major Professor” by the student.
  6. Graduate Practicum: This program includes two six-week practicums which will involve a minimum of 60 clock hours working on-site in a location approved by the Graduate Advisory Committee. Requirements for the practicums are outlined in the course syllabi.

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing.


Athletic Administration Core Courses (25 sem. hrs.)


** Must have advisor consent.

Total: 37 sem. hrs.

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