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    Mississippi College
  Jan 20, 2021
UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG 2016-2017 [Archived Catalog]

Honors Program

David G. Miller, Chair of the Honors Council

The Honors Council, composed of faculty representatives from the various academic areas of the University, plans and administers several Honors Programs for students with special academic aptitudes and achievements. The programs are so structured that qualified students may be enrolled in some portion of the honors work during each of their four years of enrollment, or they may be enrolled in any one portion for shorter periods of time. The programs offered are described below.

Freshman Honors Program

Freshmen Honors consists of a block of core curriculum courses offered by invitation to incoming freshmen. Freshmen honors students form a cohort taking three classes together in the fall and spring semesters of their first year. Incoming students with a minimum ACT/SAT receive invitations to apply for the block. Currently the freshmen block consists of writing, literature and history courses, each semester, satisfying core curriculum requirements.

Sophomore Honors Program

An interdisciplinary program in the fall semester of the sophomore year, with the class meeting at regularly scheduled times. It is under the direction of a Sophomore Honors Team, selected and guided by the Honors Council. It is open to sophomores who have attained at least a 3.25 grade point average on at least 12 hours at Mississippi College or whose ACT/SAT score met the requirements for Honors I in their freshman year.

Junior and Senior Honors Program

A student in the junior year, who has a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher, and has had at least 12 credit hours at Mississippi College, and who has the approval of the department in which one proposes to do honors work, may be invited to enter an honors program designed to run through three consecutive semesters. This is a program of independent reading and research under the guidance of a faculty director. Six semester hours may be earned in the field in which the student is working.

  • 361 Reading and Research for Honors I Credit, 1 sem. hr.

Prerequisite: by invitation of the Honors Council
General reading in a major field, with frequent conferences with the directing faculty member. A bibliography and a statement of purpose will be submitted at the end of the semester to both the directing faculty member and the Honors Council.

  • 462 Reading and Research for Honors II Credit, 2 sem. hrs.

Prerequisite: Honors I
Reading within a more specific area within the major field, leading to a selection of an honors topic, and the preparation of a prospectus and bibliography (or its equivalent in particular cases) to be submitted to the directing faculty member and to the Honors Council.

  • 463 Reading and Research for Honors III Credit, 3 sem. hrs.

Prerequisite: Honors II
An honors essay (or approved equivalent) will be written and defended before an Honors Examination Committee.

Grading on all three courses will be assigned by the directing faculty member. Whether the honors paper is judged unsatisfactory, satisfactory, or superior will be determined by the Honors Examination Committee.

The minimum requirements for graduation with honors are: a satisfactory paper, a cumulative grade point average of 3.25, and an average of 3.50 in the major field. For graduation with high honors the minimum requirements are: a superior paper, a cumulative average of 3.50 and an average of 3.75 in the major field. One who completes the paper but does not maintain the required grade point average may receive credit for the courses but will not be eligible to graduate with honors.

Senior Honors Seminar

An interdisciplinary program in the spring semester of the senior year designed to bring together outstanding academic achievers. It is under the direction of a Senior Honors Team, selected and guided by the Honors Council. Issues of contemporary interest, often involving the work done by the individual students, constitute the subject matter, with the class meeting at regularly scheduled times. It is open to seniors whose grade point average is 3.50 or higher, with a minimum of 30 semester hours from Mississippi College.

Additional Information:

Additional information concerning the Honors Program may be obtained from the chair of the Honors Council, and a complete description is contained in the Honors Program brochure.