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    Mississippi College
  Jul 01, 2022
GRADUATE CATALOG 2015-2016 [Archived Catalog]

Counseling Specialist, Coun.S. (Specializations: Spirituality & Faith Based Counseling, Play Therapy, Marriage & Family Counseling, Addictions Counseling, Integrated Healthcare, Trauma Treatment, Mental Health Counseling)

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Counseling Specialist (Coun.S. Degree)- (66 Semester Hours)

The Counseling Specialist (Coun.S) is a post-Master's degree program intended to provide opportunities for specialization in a practice domain within professional counseling. The Master's degree in counseling should be considered generalist or entry-level training upon which specialization is developed. The Coun.S. degree would fit the basic concept of the successful Doctor of Professional Counseling program regarding the importance of supervised post-Master's degree training in selected areas of specialization.

The Coun.S. program is based on courses offered within the existing Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree, which is offered to students who possess a Master’s degree in School Counseling and the AA license and wish to qualify for the AAA school counseling license. The Coun.S. degree was constructed to provide specialized coursework and supervised clinical experience needed to attain the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or LPC-Supervisor (LPC-S) credential. The Counseling Specialist may also be considered pre-doctoral training that could be transferred into a program such as the existing Doctor of Professional Counseling.

The Counseling Specialist will be offered in three specializations presently offered in Master of Science degree programs in the Department of Psychology & Counseling: Addiction Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling. Three of the specialized courses within each of these degree programs may be completed by students who graduated from one of the major areas (Addiction, Marriage and Family, or Mental Health Counseling) and desires cross-training in another area. For example, a graduate from the Marriage and Family Counseling program may desire to continue clinical training and specialized coursework in another area such as Addiction Counseling.

Additional areas of specialization will be offered based on student interest, healthcare trends, and market demand: Spirituality and Faith Based Counseling, Play Therapy, Integrated Health Care, and Trauma Treatment. These areas correspond to existing faculty interests and skills, use existing space, and require no additional resources.


Deadlines for Making Application for Admission

June 15 for Fall semester

September 15 for Spring Semester

February 15 for Summer Session

Students may apply year round for review and admission by the Chair of the Department of Psychology and Counseling or the Dean of the School of Education.

Admission to the Program

  1. All general requirements for admission to the graduate school of Mississippi College must be met.
  2. The applicant must hold a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in professional counseling as determined by the review committee, Chair of the Department, Dean of the School of Education, or Dean of Graduate Studies. The application must present evidence of scholarship with a GPA of at least 3.25 on previous graduate work.
  3. The applicant must supply at least two recommendations from academic or professional sources who have observed the applicant and who are familiar with the applicant’s character, scholarship, and potential for successful graduate work.
  4. The applicant may transfer up to 48 hours of course work into the program. However, all courses must be determined equivalent to the course for which it would substitute, and all specialty courses in the program must be completed. The Dean of Graduate Studies determines the transfer and substitution of coursework.
  5. The applicant must attend an orientation session during the semester prior to the final determination of admission status.

Provisional Admission to the Program

The Chair of the Department or the Dean of the School of Education may recommend provisional admission to the program based upon a careful review of an applicant’s transcripts, admission GPA, letters of recommendation, goal statements, and other supporting materials. A personal interview may be conducted to determine the applicant’s motivation and readiness to pursue a specialized career in professional counseling. The Dean of Graduate Studies may modify, replace, or amend regular department admission requirements upon recommendation from the Chair of the Department or the Dean of the School of Education.

Counseling Specialist Degree Requirements


In order to be admitted to the Counseling Specialist program, the applicant must possess a Master’s degree and at least 48 hours in professional counseling coursework in the following areas required for the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) credential.

 1. Human Growth and Development

 2. Social and Cultural Foundations

 3. Counseling and Psychotherapy Skills

 4. Groups

 5. Lifestyle and Career Development

 6. Appraisal

 7. Research and Evaluation

 8. Professional Orientation

 9. Theories of Counseling Psychotherapy and Personality

10. Marriage and/or Family Counseling/Therapy

11. Abnormal Psychology and Psychopathology

The following courses from the Master’s degree programs in the Department of Psychology & Counseling are recommended. Courses required for licensure are designated.


COU 6501                    Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling            3 hours

                                    (8. Professional Orientation)

COU/PSY 6502          Theories of Personality and Counseling                                 3 hours

                                    (9. Theories of Counseling Psychotherapy)

COU 6503                    Helping Relationships                                                             3 hours

                                    (3. Counseling and Psychotherapy Skills)

COU/PSY6504           Research-Methods and Procedures                                        3 hours

                                    (7. Research and Evaluation)

COU/PSY6506           Multicultural Counseling                                                        3 hours

                                    (2. Social and Cultural Foundations)

COU/PSY6515           Lifespan Development                                                            3 hours

                                    (1. Human Growth and Development)

COU/PSY6661           Use and Interpretation of Tests                                              3 hours

                                    (6. Appraisal)

COU 6662                    Techniques of Group Counseling                                           3 hours

                                    (4. Groups)

COU/PSY6664           Consultation: Theories, Models and Practices                        3 hours


COU 6665                    Lifestyle and Career Counseling                                            3 hours

                                    (5. Lifestyle and Career Development)

COU 6666                    Systems Theory and Intervention Strategies                          3 hours

                                    (10. Marriage and/or Family Counseling/Therapy)

COU 6667                    Addictions Counseling                                                           3 hours

COU 6668-70             Foundations, Contextual Dimensions, and                             3 hours

                                    Knowledge and Skills in the Student’s

                                    Particular Field


COU 6801                    Adult Psychopathology: Assessment and Treatment             3 hours

                                    (11. Abnormal Psychology and Psychopathology)


COU 6802                    Child Psychopathology: Assessment and Treatment              3 hours

                                    (11. Abnormal Psychology and Psychopathology)

In addition, a clinical training sequence is required consisting of the following courses:


COU 6663                   Practicum in Counseling and Therapy                                    3 hours

COU 6701                   Internship in Counseling I                                                      3 hours

COU 6702                    Internship in Counseling II                                                     3 hours

Common Specialist Courses: 9 hours


COU 7504                    Internship in Counseling III                                                   3 hours

COU 7505                  Counselor Supervision                                                            3 hours

COU 7506                  Planning and Organizing Counseling                                     3 hours


Specialized Coursework: 9 hours in the area of specialization


Spirituality & Faith Based Counseling

COU/PSY 6814            Psychology of Faith Development and Spirituality in Counseling

COU/PSY 7508            Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy

COU/PSY 7509           Evidence-Based Practices for Spirituality Counseling and Psychotherapy


Play Therapy

COU/PSY 6810          Introduction to Play Therapy

COU/PSY 6811          Advanced Play Therapy

COU/PSY 7510            Filial Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy

COU 6807                    Couple Dynamics and Counseling

COU 6808                    Family Dynamics and Counseling

COU 6809                    Human Sexuality

Addictions Counseling

COU 6667                    Addictions Counseling

COU 6812                    Psychopharmacology for Professional Counseling

COU 6813                    Process Addictions and Addictive Disorders


Integrated Healthcare

COU/PSY 6804          Brief Intervention Techniques

COU/PSY 6815            Introduction to Integrated Healthcare

COU/PSY 7511           Best Practices in Integrative Healthcare


Trauma Treatment

COU/PSY 6816            Trauma: Impact, Assessment, and Treatment

COU/PSY 6817           Crisis Counseling

COU/PSY 7512            Assessment and Treatment of Complex Trauma


Mental Health Counseling

COU 6801                    Adult Psychopathology-Assessment and Treatment

COU 6802                    Child Psychopathology-Assessment and Treatment

COU/PSY 6817           Crisis Counseling

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