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  Dec 04, 2022
UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG 2019-2020 [Archived Catalog]

Teacher Education and Leadership

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Martha D’Amico, Chair
Associate Professor (2017)


Support Staff

Brianna Short
Administrative Secretary (2019)



The mission of the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership at Mississippi College is to provide collaborative, integrated professional educator preparation which is field connected and focused on teaching and learning; based on best practice which is driven and assessed by high national, state, and local standards which will develop reflective practitioners with the appropriate knowledge, dispositions and skills to lead the 21st Century enterprise in America.

Program Goals

The underlying purpose of the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership is to further the aim of the University in offering the opportunity for well-rounded higher education in a Christian environment. The general objective is the professional preparation of classroom teachers and the offering of specialized work in educational leadership.

The Department of Teacher Education and Leadership is responsible for the preparation of teachers, supervisors, and principals. The University is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) and is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Degrees Offered

Five degrees are granted by the University with specialization in education: Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Care and Development, Master of Education, Education Specialist, and Doctor of Education. For the B.S. in Education degree, the student must select an area of specialization approved for teacher licensure by the state of Mississippi. The B.S. in Early Childhood Care and Development is a non-licensure program; therefore, students in this program do not have to be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP).  This degree is intended to prepare individuals for service as teachers, leaders, and administrators in early childcare settings.

Details concerning graduate programs are listed in the Graduate Catalog.

Admission Process to Education Program

Admission procedures in the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership involve three distinct phases: General Admission to the University; Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP); and Admission to Student Teaching.

Stage 1. General Admission:

Students who enroll in the University as an education major will be assigned a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will review all records and counsel the student in preparation for entrance into the Teacher Education Program.

Stage 2. Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP):

Students will apply for admission into the Teacher Education Program (TEP) as part of the course requirements for EDU 300 - Introduction to Education . Transfer students, who have had the course equivalent of EDU 300  at another four year institution, must make application to the TEP in the Office of Field Experiences during their first semester at Mississippi College. No upper level (300 and 400) courses including EDU 300  are accepted in transfer from two year colleges as part of Teacher Education Program requirements. All students applying for entrance into the TEP must:

  1. have successfully completed 44 semester hours of coursework.
  2. have an overall (cumulative) GPA of at least 2.75.
  3. have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the area(s) of expected licensure.
  4. pass the Praxis I Core Case:  Reading 156; Writing 162; Mathematics, 150.  Entrance test is waived if the student has a high school ACT score of 21 or higher or SAT of 1060.
  5. pass Mississippi College’s Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE).

Teacher Education Program Maintenance Requirements

After admission to the TEP, a student must maintain at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average for progression. A grade of C or better is required in all teacher education courses and teacher education courses may be repeated only one time. Only courses with a grade of D or F may be repeated. A failing grade in any two teacher education courses will result in dismissal from the TEP.

As stated in University Policy, the final 33 hours of all programs should be taken at Mississippi College.

Since standards for progress in the TEP are different from the minimum to avoid academic suspension from Mississippi College, a student who is ineligible to enter or remain in the TEP may still be eligible to remain a student at Mississippi College in another major.

Stage 3. Admission to Student Teaching Semester:

Student teaching assignments are generally restricted to Copiah, Hinds, Lincoln, Madison, Rankin,Warren and Yazoo counties. Requests to student teach outside these areas must be made to the Department’s Appeals Committee. Final authority rests with the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership as to the placement of student teachers. Student teaching is to be completed during the senior year after the following requirements have been met.

  1. be admitted to the Teacher Education Program for at least one full semester prior to the semester of student teaching.
  2. have completed EDU 299 - Pre-Teaching Field Experience .
  3. have removed any grade(s) of I (incomplete).
  4. have at least a 2.75 GPA in the area(s) of expected licensure as well as a cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  5. have completed at least three-fourths of the required courses in his/her area of specialization, (secondary education students only).
  6. have completed (with a minimum grade of C) all Professional Education courses except EDU 431 , EDU 432 , EDU 433 , and EDU 434  Directed Teaching in 7-12, (secondary education students only).
  7. have completed (with a minimum grade of C) all Professional Education courses and subject matter courses except EDU 421 , EDU 422 , EDU 423 , and EDU 424  Directed Teaching in K-8 (elementary education students only).
  8. have completed (with a minimum grade of C) all Professional Education and subject matter courses except EDU 471 , EDU 472 , EDU 473 , and EDU 474  Directed Teaching in K-12  (K-12 students only).

Each student is responsible for returning the assigned forms properly completed to the Office of Field Experiences by the assigned date. Applications for student teaching are reviewed by the Director of Field Experiences.

Students pass Praxis I Core (CASE) which includes Reading, Writing & Mathematics as part of the entrance requirements into the TEP. Students also pass Praxis II which includes the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) and a specialty area test required for licensure by the Mississippi Department of Education. Elementary Education students must also pass The Foundations of Reading Test for Licensure by MDE • Praxis I Core Case Required Scores as of January 1, 2014: Reading 156; Writing 162; Mathematics, 150. Required scores on the Praxis II (PLT and Specialty Area Tests) vary with grade level and content areas.

Students must request that Educational Testing Services (ETS) send a copy of their scores to Mississippi College (Code 1477). It is important that students have their scores sent to the Mississippi Department of Education (Code 7599). Students should keep their original copy in a safe place for future use.

Nature of Student Teaching Program and Extent of Teaching

Every student seeking licensure for teaching in any area will be expected to arrange his/her work so as to devote one semester of the senior year to certain required professional courses which shall include Directed Teaching. A student must have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program before being eligible to enroll in the professional semester. This professional semester for student teachers covers a period of approximately eighteen weeks, including holidays and registration. No coursework other than the 12 hours in the Professional Semester should be taken during the student teaching semester.

Responsibilities of student teachers during the Professional Semester are outlined in the Teacher Education Handbook which students receive when they enroll in EDU 300 - Introduction to Education , as well as the Student Teacher handbook which they receive at prospective student teacher meeting. Student teachers receive guidance and instruction from the faculty advisor, university supervisor, and the cooperating teacher.

Background Checks for School Personnel

Although the Mississippi Code does not require student teachers to be fingerprinted and subjected to a criminal records background check, school districts in our service area require this as a part of local schools district policy. Background checks will be required for all senior level field experiences and student teaching.

Teacher Licensure

Licensure requirements are reviewed periodically by the Mississippi Department of Education; please consult the School of Education for the latest information. Licenses which entitle the holders to teach in the elementary and secondary schools in Mississippi are issued by the Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Educator Licensure, to applicants who complete the requirements for these licenses. Students who complete any of the teacher education programs offered at Mississippi College and pass all required tests are eligible for a standard Mississippi teaching license.

All persons applying for a license for the first time must have necessary test scores on file with the Mississippi Department of Education.

How to Apply for and Obtain the Initial Teaching License

All graduates of Mississippi College who plan to teach in Mississippi must file an application for licensure. Application forms and instructions are available online at the MDE website ( or from the Teacher Education and Leadership Office in Lowrey 208.

The graduate who plans to teach in a state other than Mississippi will, after receiving this Mississippi license, secure a license application from the Department of Education of the state in which he or she wishes to teach and will file the completed application form with the Division of Licensure, Department of Education, of that state. If your out-of-state application asks for a section “to be completed by the certification/licensure officer where you completed an approved teacher education program,” mail this to the Office of Teacher Education and Leadership at Mississippi College, Box 4009, Clinton, MS 39058.

Elementary Education Licensure

Completion of the basic elementary program at Mississippi College and passing the appropriate MDE prescribed tests qualifies the graduate to receive a standard elementary (K-6) license. Check with the Teacher Education and Leadership Office and/or your advisor to receive the most current licensure requirements. Licensure designations and requirements are subject to change by rulings of the Mississippi Department of Education.

Secondary Education (B.S.Ed) University Core Curriculum Requirements *

Note: Some slight variations in this core will occur depending upon the specific secondary area of endorsement.

* For other degree requirements, see the University Core Curriculum and your faculty advisor.


Professional Education

Note: Students may not take EDU 403 , EDU 460 , EDU 431 , EDU 432 , EDU 433 EDU 434  or EDU 471 , EDU 472 , EDU 473 EDU 474  prior to admittance into the TEP.

Licensure in the Sciences

A student graduating from Mississippi College and wishing to be licensed to teach one of the sciences (biology or chemistry) will major in that science and take the additional requirements in Secondary Education. It is expected that a student will be licensed in a second area of science or in General Science. An additional endorsement in one of the sciences may be obtained by having twenty-one semester hours in that science (with no grade below C). See the appropriate catalog section for details.

Required Subject-Matter Specialization

(For Secondary and Special Subject Teachers)

Students who wish to know the specific course requirements in their desired areas of specialization need to contact the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership office to secure a status sheet that will show all courses required for any particular secondary education program. Mississippi College prepares teachers in the following areas:

  Grades 7-12 Licensure
    Social Studies
  Special Area Licensure (K-12)
    Special Education - Mild/Moderate Handicapped
    Music - Instrumental
    Music - Voice/Piano
    Physical Education

Supplemental Licensure

Certain teacher licensure endorsements may be added to a Class A teaching license. Several supplemental endorsements are available through Mississippi College. These endorsements are sometimes included as part of another licensure program. Supplemental endorsements are more typically pursued by using electives to take the appropriate courses and/or taking additional courses beyond those required for the program major. Supplemental endorsements are also available to those who already hold an undergraduate degree and a valid Class A license. Supplemental licensure is only available to those who are pursuing a degree in elementary or secondary education or who already hold a Mississippi Class A license. Mississippi College offers supplemental endorsement programs in the following areas: comprehensive school health, computer applications, driver education, English as a Second Language (ESL), physical science, remedial reading, vocational preparation for the handicapped (must hold vocational licensure), special education K-6, special education 7-12, and gifted. Consult the appropriate secondary area department or the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership.

Honors Courses

By invitation of the Honors Council; see Honors Program  section of Undergraduate Catalog.




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