Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy   [Archived Catalog]

COU/PSY 7508 - Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy

Credits, 3 sem hrs
Prerequisite(s): Graduate Standing; admission to the Ed.S. or consent of the instructor This is a specialized course for graduate counseling majors that provides various approaches and perspectives on the relationship between spirituality and counseling and will reflect on how this relationship may influence the work of a mental health professional. This course will specifically focus on how spirituality can be incorporated into a range of psychotherapeutic approaches, which include: psychoanlytic, cognitive-behavioral, transpersonal-integrative, and experiential. Course work will also include an intensive study of Logotherapy from a Christian perspective and will include in-depth insight into a spiritual approach to Junigian psychotherapy, which includes the dynamics of prayer, the role of personal priesthood in light of the unconscious, the vitality of religious symbols in liturgy, and Junigian typology in a spiritual approach to life.