Focused Internship   [Archived Catalog]

EDU 6536 - Focused Internship

Credits, 1-6 sem. hrs., variable (max. 6) (300 clock hours)
This dimension is the culmination of the student’s training and requires him/her to synthesize knowledge and skills in the workplace. Interns will engage in a minimum of 300 clock hours on-site in a variety of meaningful and relevant capstone workplace experiences in diverse settings both at elementary and secondary schools, as well as some outside the educational arena. The primary purpose of the focused internship is to expand the knowledge, dispositions, and skills necessary to become an effective and efficient educational leader. In addition to the workplace tasks, interns will return to the university monthly during the semester to meet with other members of the cohort group and the university supervisor to participate in reflective seminars to share ideas and reflect on their on-site experiences. Interns will also have opportunities to broaden their horizons through professional development activities during this dimension.