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  Dec 01, 2022
UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG 2019-2020 [Archived Catalog]

Financial Information

Location of Business Office

The Business Office is located in the foyer of Nelson Hall, Room 106.

Student Expenses

The cost to attend Mississippi College and the refund policies have been approved by the Board of Trustees and are designed to be as fair as possible to both the University and the student. If a student or parent feels the policies have not been administered as written, and in a fair and equitable manner, an appeal may be directed to the Provost, Telephone: 601.925.3202.

Payment Policy

Tuition and fees are due and payable in full by the given deadline each semester unless utilizing the monthly payment plan. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, money order, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, and eCheck

Any account balance not paid by the given deadline will be considered past due and will be placed on hold. Students with an account on hold will not be able to register for any upcoming semesters, view grades online, receive transcripts and may result in possible withdrawal from classes. Past due accounts will also be subject to a late payment penalty. However, any student awaiting funding from VA Ch 31 and 33 will not be assessed a late payment penalty.

Monthly Payment Plan - The University offers a monthly payment plan, a convenient method for planning and budgeting tuition and fees for the fall or spring semester.  Under this plan, costs may be paid in four (4) monthly payments per semester. More detailed information may be obtained by contacting the Business Office at 601.925.3307 or 1.800.738.1287 or by email at or by visiting


The total expense of an undergraduate student attending Mississippi College for the nine-month session, excluding books and personal expenses, is approximately $28,140. This is payable by semester. The University reserves the right to revise prices as economic conditions warrant.

Table I-Typical Expenses


For One Semester


Full - time (12 - 18 hours):



   Tuition per semester



   Tuition per semester hour for additional hours over 18



   Registration fee


   Technology fee


   Health services fee





Part-time (less than 12 hours) and summer:



   Tuition per semester hour



   Registration fee:



       6 - 11 hours



       5 hours or less



   Technology fee:



       6 - 11 hours



       5 hours or less






Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) Tuition

This does not include the ASBN program; ABSN students should refer to the traditional undergraduate rates



   Tuition per semester hour



   Registration fee per session



   Technology fee:



       6 - 11 hours



       5 hours or less






MC7 Online Program



   RN to BSN tuition per semester hour



   RN to BSN general education course tuition per semester hour









   Tuition per semester hour  



   PDS tuition per semester hour






   Tuition rates below are per semester hour and are fixed for the remainder of school:



   DPC tuition



   MMS tuition



   Masters of Biology tuition






   Registration fee:



        6 or more hours



        5 hours or less



   Technology fee:



        6 or more hours



        5 hours or less



   Health services fee (full-time students)






Physician Assistant Program



   Tuition (fixed for the remainder of school)



   Registration fee






MC7 Online Program



    Tuition rates below are per semester hour:



   M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction tuition



   M.Ed. Educational Leadership tuition



   M.Ed. Elementary Education tuition



   M.Ed. Special Education tuition



   Ed. S.  Educational Leadership tuition












Non-Premium Residence Hall (Double Occupancy)



Premium Residence Hall (Double Occupancy)


Plaza Apartments 1-Bedroom (includes 100 meal points)


Non-Premium Residence Hall (Single Occupancy)


Premium Residence Hall (Single Occupancy)



Plaza Apartments 2-Bedroom (includes 100 meal points)



University Place Residential Units (includes 100 meal points)


Loft Apartments (no meal plan)





 19-meal plan



 14-meal plan (upperclassmen only)



 9-meal plan (upperclassmen only)






   Summer Session (no meal plan):  


       Residence hall - double occupancy  775.00


       Loft apartments - single occupancy  2,200.00




Table II-Special Fees and Expenses













AUTO FEES (charged to all students unless 100% online):


Student Space Enhancement Fee - Fall/Spring


Student Space Enhancement Fee - Summer 60.00

Auto decal fee - additional (applies each semester)














Change of schedule late fee


Diploma replacement fee


Duplicate id card fee


Improper room checkout


Late payment penalty


Late registration fee


Late room change fee


Lock change fine


Monthly payment plan late enrollment


Monthly payment plan late payment fee


Returned check penalty


Traffic violations:


        Improper parking


        No registration


        Tow zone






Auditing fee

same as tuition for credit

Credit validated by examination (per 3 hr course including exam)


Dyslexia program fee


Graduate thesis maintenance fee


Healthplex membership fee - per semester


Holiday housing fee


Incomplete grade fee


Loft Apartments reservation fee


Monthly payment plan fee


Monthly payment plan fee (prior balance) - 3 month plan (increases by $5 for each additional month - caps at $100)                                                                                                                                            


New Student Engagement Week fee (charged to all new students except ADP)


 Transcript fee


Tuition remission faculty/staff fee  - fall/spring (per semester)


Tuition remission faculty/staff fee - summer




Table III- Course Fees

Applied music fee - undergraduate (per course regardless of hours)


Applied music fee - graduate (per course regardless of hours)


Archery fee


Art education activity fee


Art field studies fee


Art Portfolio Printing Supplies Fee 100.00
Band Retreat Fee 85.00

Clay shooting team fee


Drawing Supply Fee 20.00
Education Name Badge 5.00

Enrollment in absentia fee


Equestrian course fee - advanced


Equestrian course fee - beginner


Equestrian team member


Graphic design supply fee


Intensive English Program activity fee


Interior design field trip fee


Interior design furniture design fee


Interior design graphics I fee


Interior design graphics II fee


Interior design I fee


Interior design II fee


Kinesiology activity fee


Lab fees:


        Biology (excluding Biology 307 and 410)


        Biology 307 - Cell and genetics Lab


        Biology 410 - Human gross anatomy






        Computer science


        Education - Science for Children


        Engineering - entry level


        Engineering - upper level






        Studio Art


       Studio Art - Papermaking 95.00

Malpractice insurance:






        Social work


MC Singers Retreat Fee 85.00

Nursing fees:


        Clinical fees:


                Clinical I


                Clinical II


                Clinical III/IV


                Clinical - one hour


                Clinical summer


        Clinical health assessment fee


        HESI Package


        Health screening fee


        Malpractice insurance


        Name badges


        NCLEX review fee


        Nursing Spcial Fees 110.00

        Student Nurses Association/Baptist Nursing Fellowship dues:


               Two Year Membership




Online course fee


Online course fee - Hybrid 50.00
Research Fee (per hour) 15.00

Roller skating fee


Scuba fee


Spreadsheet proficiency exam fee


Writing proficiency exam


Tuition Refund Policies

Refund of Tuition on Courses Dropped

  For courses dropped during Fall and Spring: Refund Credit:  
  1st week 100%  
  2nd week 0%  
  For coures dropped during 8 week terms: Refund Credit:  
  1st, 2nd and 3rd day of course 100%  
  4th day of course 0%  
  For courses dropped during 7 week terms: Refund Credit:  
  1st and 2nd day of course 100%  
  3rd day of course 0%  
  For courses dropped during Summer Terms: Refund Credit:  
  Registration day and the next day 100%  
  3rd day of the term 0%  
  For courses dropped during 10 week Summer Terms: Refund Credit:  
  Registration day thru 3rd day of the term 100%  
  4th day of the term 0%  
  For courses dropped during 2 week Summer Term: Refund Credit:  
  Registration day 100%  
  After registration day 0%  

Refund on Withdrawal from Mississippi College - A student desiring to withdraw from the University should initiate the process using the Complete Withdrawal link in the MY MC student portal. It is necessary for the correct procedure to be followed. Failure to process an official withdrawal earns a grade of F in each course. Deadlines for withdrawal are the same as those for dropping courses. Any claims for refunds of tuition will be based on the date on which the student initiates the online withdrawal process.

Refund of Tuition upon Withdrawal - Note that in counting deadlines (for changes of schedule, refunds, etc.) the first week of the semester is the calendar week in which registration begins. Registration fees are not refundable.  

  For withdrawal during Fall and Spring: Refund Credit:  
  1st week 100%  
  2nd week 75%  
  3rd week 50%  
  4th week 25%  
  5th week 0%  
  For withdrawal during 8 week terms (summer, fall and spring): Refund Credit:  
  1st, 2nd and 3rd day of course 100%  
  4th and 5th day of course 75%  
  6th and 7th day of course 50%  
  8th and 9th day of course 25%  
  10th day of course 0%  
  For withdrawal during 7 week terms: Refund Credit:  
  1st and 2nd day of course 100%  
  3rd day of course 0%  
  For withdrawal during 5 week Summer Terms: Refund Credit:  
  Registration day and the next day 100%  
  3rd day 75%  
  4th day 50%  
  5th day 25%  
  6th day 0%  
  For withdrawal during 10 week Summer Terms: Refund Credit:  
  Registration day thru 3rd day of 1st summer term 100%  
  4th and 5th days of 1st summer term 75%  
  6th and 7th days of 1st summer term 50%  
  8th and 9th days of 1st summer term 25%  
  10th day of 1st summer term 0%  
  For withdrawal during 2 week Summer Terms: Refund Credit:  
  Registration day 100%  
  After registration day 0%  

Refund of On-Campus Living Expenses

Should a student withdraw from school or cease to be a resident student, dorm expense will not be refunded.  A refund will be given for meals based on a daily rate.  A student withdrawing from Mississippi College will surrender their ID card to the Office of Residence Life at the time the withdrawal papers are processed.

Refund of Other Fees

All registration, special and course fees are not refundable.

Refunds/Return of Title IV Funds

The return of unearned Title IV aid is calculated in accordance with Federal regulations.  This calculations applies to any student who meets the following criteria:

  1. Withdraws from the university or ceases class attendance prior to the end of the term and
  2. Received Federal Title IV aid (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Direct Loan, Federal Plus Loan, but not Work Study)

If a student withdraws from the university or ceases class attendance prior to the end of the term, the university is required to calculate the amount of aid earned.  Any unearned aid must be returned according to the provisions of the Higher Education Amendment of 1998.  The withdrawal date is determined when the student initiates the withdrawal process in Banner web.  The withdrawal date for unofficial withdrawals is the midpoint of the semester or the last date of attendance that a professor provides to the Financial Aid Office.  The calculation of the return of these funds may result in the student owing a balance to the university.

The student is responsible for any balance due on the account after the Title IV funds have been returned.  The student’s responsibility also includes earned Title IV aid and any tuition and fees due to the institution.

The university is responsible for the return of unearned tuition and fees.  To determine the institution’s responsibility, multiply the total amount of institutional charges for the semester by the percentage unearned.  Compare this result with the amount of Title IV aid unearned, the lesser amount is the unearned Title IV aid the institution is required to return.

Federal regulations require Mississippi College to have a fair and equitable refund policy. If a recipient of Title IV aid withdraws during a period of enrollment, Mississippi College must calculate the amount of Title IV aid the student did not earn. The percentage of aid earned is equal to the percentage of time completed. Unearned Title IV funds must be returned to the Title IV programs.

If a student withdraws on or before the 60% point of enrollment, the percentage of aid earned is equal to the percentage of time completed. If a student remains enrolled beyond the 60% point of enrollment period, 100% of the aid has been earned for that period.  The percentage of earned days is calculated by taking the number of days the student attended the university and divide it by the total number of days for the semester.  The amount of aid earned is equal to the amount of aid disbursed plus the amount of aid that could have been disbursed multiplied by the percentage of earned aid.  The amount of earned aid is subtracted from the total amount disbursed.  This is the unearned aid that should be returned.

All unearned Title IV funds must be returned to the Title IV programs. If Title IV aid was used to pay institutional charges first, the University will return unearned Title IV funds up to an amount that is equal to the amount disbursed to the U.S. Department of Education.

Funds are returned in the following order up to the full amount disbursed: 

  1.  Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan,
  2. Federal Subsidized Direct Loan,
  3. Federal PLUS Loan,
  4. Federal Pell Grants,
  5.  FSEOG, and/or
  6. Other assistance under TITLE IV.

Financial Assistance

All matters concerning financial aid are under the direction of the Committee for Enrollment Appeals, composed of administrators, faculty, staff and students. This committee establishes policies regarding financial aid. The amount of aid awarded a student is based on either scholarship or financial need. Aid is offered under the categories described below.  Financial Aid will be disbursed approximately two (2) weeks following the first day of classes for the fall and spring semester.  The Bursar’s Office will disburse the aid to students’ accounts.  Summer federal financial aid will be disbursed after July 1st.  Undergraduate students must be in at least 6 hours on July 1st to receive their federal aid.  Graduate students must be in at least 3 hours on July 1st to receive their federal aid.

Institutional Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first-served basis. Institutional scholarships are intended to recognize the student’s outstanding academic achievement, service in the community, and leadership skills. A comprehensive listing of those scholarships and requirements can be found on the MC website. Academic scholarships are awarded based on a student’sstandardized test score for freshmen and GPA for transfers. Students may also qualify for additional aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. These awards are based on the student’s EFC. Once a new student is awarded institutional aid, this award will be theirs for the time at Mississippi College as long as they maintain minimum GPA requirements.  Students must be enrolled full-time in order to receive institutional scholarships. (An exception to this rule is made if the student is in their final semester.) Students who are under 21 years of age must live in a residence hall or at home with their parents. Those students electing to live off campus will lose all institutional scholarships. Scholarships cannot be used during the summer terms. Should a student have more scholarships and aid than the total of their direct costs, up to $500 will be refunded to the student each semester.


Renewal Requirement for Institutional Scholarships

Students must sign a scholarship acceptance letter. The letter contains the type and amount of scholarship awarded and the condition for scholarship renewal. Scholarships are renewed annually if the student meets the condition as outlined in their letter of acceptance.

Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 for the following scholarships:

  New Trustee Scholarship New Presidential with Distinction  

Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA for the following academic scholarships.

  Heritage Scholarship
Dean’s Scholarship
Presidential Scholarship
Presidential Scholarship with Distinction
Trustee Scholarship
Provine Scholarship
Transfer Heritage Scholarship
Transfer Dean’s Scholarship
Transfer Presidential Scholarship
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships
Hampstead Scholarship
Transfer Hampstead Scholarship

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA for the following scholarships.

  Leadership Scholarship
Christian Ministry Scholarship
Christian Ministry Dependent Scholarship
Financial Need Scholarship
Baptist Student Union Scholarship
Institutional Scholarship
Jazz Band Scholarship
Music Scholarship
Hillman Scholarship
Bible Drill Scholarship
Church Matching Scholarship
Academic Competition Scholarship
Speaker’s Tournament Scholarship
Institutional Need Grant
Band Scholarship
Math and Science Scholarship
Chamber Choir Scholarship

Scholarship recipients who fall below the required GPA will be placed on probation for the next semester enrolled. If after the probationary semester the student’s cumulative GPA is not restored to the required level, the student will be placed on scholarship suspension and will lose the scholarship immediately. If after the probationary semester the student’s cumulative GPA is not restored to the required level, but the student makes the required GPA for the probationary semester, then the student will be allowed a second probationary semester. If after the second probationary semester the cumulative GPA is not restored to the required level, then the scholarships would be suspended. The scholarship will be re-instated when the cumulative GPA meets or exceeds the minimum requirement. Notification of all actions will be sent to the student in writing.

Institutional scholarships recipients are expected to demonstrate good character in all aspects of their lives. Students who engage in serious misconduct may lose part or all of their scholarship support. The imposition of disciplinary action sanctioned through the student disciplinary process could also include loss of scholarship support. Students can receive scholarship for their first undergraduate degree only. Once degree requirements are met for the first undergraduate degree, the student is no longer eligible to receive institutional scholarships. Students who choose to enter college before graduation from high school upon completion of their junior year are not eligible for any institutional scholarships.

State Scholarships and Grants

The following scholarships and grants are available to residents of Mississippi:

Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant
Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant
HELP (Higher Education Legislative Plan for Needy Students)

Application procedure and eligibility information about these programs may be obtained from the Mississippi Office of State Student Financial Aid at 1.800.327.2980. This information is also available on the State Financial Aid website at

Federal Student Aid

Students wishing to be awarded federal student aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To receive priority consideration for campus-based federal student aid the application must be received by the central processor by March 1, with Mississippi College being designated as a recipient of FAFSA data. Applications received after this date will be given consideration depending on the availability of funds. Campus-based programs for which a student may be awarded include: Federal Work Study Program (FWS) and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).

In addition, awards may include the Federal Pell Grant and the Direct Student Loan. Parents of undergraduate students may apply for the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Student (PLUS), and TEACH Grant.

The FAFSA is to be completed online at

Student Employment

Students who desire to work on campus should contact the Office of Career Services at (601) 925-7717. Due to the limited number of jobs on campus, campus employment cannot be guaranteed.  If a student is eligible to receive Federal Work Study, then they are eligible to work up to 8 hours per work during the enrollment period.

More information is available online at

Receiving and Maintaining Financial Assistance

All students that received federal aid must be working toward an eligible degree from Mississippi College.  Students must make progress towards a degree in order to maintain being eligible to receive federal aid.  Satisfactory Academic progress is evaluated at the end of each semester.  This would be at the end of fall, spring and summer terms.  The progress is evaluated by using the following standards:

Quantitative - Undergraduate and graduate must successfully complete 67% of all hours attempted during the semester.  Attempted hours are those hours that will appear on one’s transcript.  Successful grades are A, B, C, and D.  Unsuccessful grades W, F, or I.

Qualitative - Undergraduates must maintain a GPA of 2.0 to remain in good standing with the university.  Graduate students must maintain a GPA of 2.75 - 3.25 to remain in good standing.  The required GPA’s depend on the degree the graduate is pursuing.

Maximum Hours- If an undergraduate student exceeds 190 hours, they are placed on financial aid suspension.  If a graduate student exceeds 150% of the published required hours, they are placed on suspension.

Once Satisfactory Academic progress is evaluated, student who fail to meet the standards are first put on financial aid probation.  Students on academic probation will be eligible to receive financial assistance for the first semester on probation, and they will be eligible to receive financial assistance for the second semester provided substantial academic progress was made during the first semester of probation.  Those students on financial aid probation are eligible to receive their federal aid during their time of probation.  If a student is on financial aid probation for 2 consecutive semesters, then the student is placed on financial aid suspension.  The student will be ineligible to receive federal aid, but they will be eligible to attend the university.  Students that are placed on academic suspension are automatically placed on financial aid suspension.

Students who are denied financial assistance due to unsatisfactory academic progress have the right to appeal the denial. Students should place in writing the request to appeal to the Committee for Enrollment Appeals. (Contact the Director of Financial Aid, Telephone: 601.925.3212.) The full satisfactory academic progress policy can be found in The Tomahawk and in the Mississippi College Policy and Procedure Manual.  Once a decision is made concerning the students appeal, the student is notified in writing the decision that was made.