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  Dec 01, 2022
UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG 2019-2020 [Archived Catalog]

Requirements for Graduation

General Degree Requirements for Graduation

The following are general requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

Hours Required-At least 130 semester hours of university credit, at least 120 of which must be in academic courses. A maximum of 30 hours in any combination may be accepted from the following sources: correspondence and/or extension courses (no more than 6 hours), advanced placement, CLEP, credit by examination, credit for specialized training in the armed forces, and international baccalaureate. Credits are measured in terms of semester hours. A semester hour represents one hour of recitation or lecture, or three hours of laboratory work, per week for one semester of approximately 15 weeks, or the equivalent.

Residence Hours Required-The last 33 semester hours must be taken in residence at Mississippi College.  Mississippi College limits academic residency to no more than twenty-five percent of the degree requirements for all undergraduate degrees for active-duty servicemembers. Academic residency can be completed at any time while active-duty servicemembers are enrolled. Reservists and National Guardsmen on active-duty are covered in the same manner.

Major and Minor-An approved major and minor are required, except for certain comprehensive majors. 

GPA: Overall and Major-An average 2.00 GPA is required in all academic work attempted at Mississippi College and an average of C or higher is required in courses in the major (2.00 GPA) and any additional courses in the department. Some majors may require a GPA greater than 2.00. For exceptions to the required 2.00 GPA, see Calculation of Grade Averages for Special Purposes section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Courses Included in Calculating GPA in the Major—All courses required in a major and all other courses taken in the department in which the major is housed are included in calculating a student’s GPA in the major. In departments and schools in which there is a comprehensive major, all courses included in the comprehensive major are included in calculating the GPA in the major.

Note: Successful completion of a course, regardless of GPA considerations, is based on the grade of the last attempt. (For example, if a student took a course and earned a D and then repeated the course and earned an F, the student would not have successfully completed the course, even though a passing grade had been previously earned.)

Calculation of Grade Point Averages for Special Purposes When Courses are Repeated

The limited use of substituted grades for calculating the grade point average as described in the following paragraph is intended only to assist students in meeting the general requirements for the bachelor’s degree at graduation and does not affect the manner by which any department or school calculates any student’s eligibility for any course of study or program. This policy will only be enacted at the request of the advisor with the approval of the department chair, dean of the school and the Provost.

For a maximum of three repeated courses or maximum of nine semester hours, only the grade earned by the student when repeating the course will be used when calculating grade point average; the grade earned by the student on the first try will be ignored in such calculations. If a student repeats more than three courses, then for each such course in excess of three, the original grade and the subsequent grade(s) will be used when calculating grade point average. The courses for which grades may be substituted under this provision will be determined by the Registrar in order to provide the greatest assistance to the student meeting the general degree requirements. These calculations are for special GPA problems at the time of graduation and are not to be used at any other time, or for any other purpose. Therefore original grades from repeated courses will not be ignored when determining eligibility for academic honors such as the Dean’s List, nor will any indication of academic probation or similar status be expunged from a student’s transcript as a consequence of this policy.

Chapel Credit-Students will acquire the number of chapel credits as specified in the University Core Curriculum section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Writing Proficiency-As a prerequisite to graduation, students must demonstrate proficiency in basic English grammar, usage, and writing skills. Students may demonstrate proficiency by earning a passing score on the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE - ENG 099 ). Students who fail the WPE may demonstrate proficiency by earning a “C” or higher in ENG 299 - Professional Writing Skills .

The student maintains responsibility for completing the requirement and should be aware of the following policies:

  • Students planning to earn credit for ENG 102  at MC must register for the WPE when they register for ENG 102 .
  • Students transferring credit for ENG 102  from another university should register for and complete the exam at their earliest convenience.
  • Students are billed for the WPE at the time of registration. The fee is nonrefundable and non-transferable.
  • Students must attempt the WPE at least once before enrolling in ENG 299 .
  • Students who fail the WPE twice may not take the exam again. Instead, they must demonstrate writing proficiency by earning a “C” or higher in ENG 299 .
  • The Writing Proficiency Exam is offered once per semester. No student may attempt the exam more than one time per semester.
  • Students may not take the Writing Proficiency Examination twice in one day.

Because of the above policies, students who postpone taking the WPE may be ineligible for graduation on their anticipated date. For some students, completing this requirement may take up to three (or more) semesters.

Junior/Senior Level Courses-At least one-third of the academic work which a student takes in meeting requirements for graduation with a bachelor’s degree must be in junior-senior level courses (courses numbered 300-400).

Degree Evaluation:  DegreeWorks (students with a catalog year Fall 2016 and forward) and CAPP (Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning) (students with a catalog year prior to Fall 2016) are Degree Evaluations that are real-time online systems to use in planning degree programs. These evaluations utilize courses completed and those in which the student is currently enrolled to inform students and their advisors of degree completion status at any point in their university career. The results are unofficial until they have been reviewed by the Office of the Registrar. Students should be in consultation with their advisors in utilizing any degree evaluations. Once the student has applied for graduation, an official review will be completed by the Office of the Registrar.

Application for Degree—See calendar for application deadlines.

To submit an application for degree, students should log into the MyMC portal on the MC website.  The application can be found under the navigation column in the Graduation Folder.  Clicking on “Apply to Graduate” opens the online form.  When the application is completed, the student can submit the application digitally.

Applying by the PRIORITY deadline gives the Registrar’s Office time to check degree requirements and to notify students who do not meet those requirements early in the graduation semester when changes can be made to address the deficiencies.

Students who apply after the PARTICIPATION deadline (approximately six weeks before graduation) will not be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremonies, their names may not appear in the commencement program, and they cannot use the online application.  They must complete a paper form available in the Registrar’s Office to apply for their degrees. 

Candidates for degrees are charged a graduation fee at the time their application is processed.  These fees, together with all balances of any nature, must be paid in full at least three days before the date of graduation in order for the student to be eligible to pick up a cap and gown, receive their diploma, or be issued a transcript.

Honors at Graduation-Baccalaureate degrees at Mississippi College may carry two types of academic honors. These honors are recognized in the commencement ceremony and on the academic transcript.

  • Graduation with Latin honors: Students who have completed at least half (65 semester hours, excluding AP, IB, CLEP, or credit by correspondence) of their work at Mississippi College will receive their degrees with special recognition in accordance with the following grade averages:
    3.500-3.699 Graduation cum laude
    3.700-3.899 Graduation magna cum laude
    3.900-4.000 Graduation summa cum laude
  • Graduation in the Honors Program: In the Honors Program, juniors and seniors with high academic averages may complete a program of independent research leading to an honors thesis or project. Graduation with Honors requires a satisfactory paper (or project), a cumulative grade point average of 3.25, and a grade point average of 3.5 in the major field; Graduation with High Honors requires a superior paper (or project), a cumulative grade point average of 3.5, and a grade point average of 3.75 in the major field.

Marching Requirements-Students who meet graduation requirements are expected to march. If students have questions about marching, they should contact the Office of the Registrar at 601.925.3210.