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    Mississippi College
  Oct 01, 2022
UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG 2015-16 [Archived Catalog]

School of Science and Mathematics


Stan Baldwin, Dean
Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
Professor (1999)

Support Staff

Mary Beth Graves
Secretary (1992)


The School of Science and Mathematics offers students the opportunity to learn and apply the scientific approach to the acquisition of knowledge and to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. These opportunities are provided through an extensive variety of courses and research experiences in the natural sciences and mathematics and involve both theoretical modeling and experimental investigation.


  1. The courses and programs offered within the School prepare all students, regardless of major, to understand the role of science and mathematics in today’s complex society, to realize their integration with all disciplines, and to become life-long learners and positive contributors to their communities.
  2. The School provides curricula at both the undergraduate and graduate levels with the necessary depth and breadth of knowledge for students majoring in a scientific or mathematical discipline to be successful in gaining employment or entrance into graduate or professional school.
  3. The faculty of the School, a skilled, cohesive, and cooperative group of Christian men and women, provide expert guidance, time, and assistance in a caring and supportive way that is focused on student development and achievement. Through these and other efforts, they demonstrate to students the consistency of practicing the Christian faith while engaging in the study of science and mathematics.

Please scroll down for a list of undergraduate programs, which follow the list of graduate programs below.

Graduate Programs in the School of Science and Mathematics

For more information on the following Graduate programs, please click here.

Biological Sciences

Master of Science

  • Biology (Medical Sciences), M.S.
  • Biology (Biological Sciences), M.S.

Master of Education

  • Biology (Master of Biology Education), M.Ed.

Master of Combined Sciences

  • Biology (Master of Combined Sciences), M.C.S

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Master of Science

  • Chemistry, Non-Thesis Option, M.S.
  • Chemistry, Thesis Option, M.S.

Master of Combined Science

  • Chemistry, M.C.S.

Computer Science and Physics

Master of Science

  • Computer Science, M.S.

Master of Education

  • Computer Science, M.Ed.


Master of Science

  • Mathematics, M.S.

Master of Education

  • Mathematics, M.Ed.

Master of Combined Sciences

  • Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, M.C.S.

Physician Assistant Program

Master of Science in Medicine

  • Physician Assistant, M.S.M.


Departments and Undergraduate Programs